Welcome to my page!

My Name is Nadia Nasr, a photographer/videographer since 2011 when my love for this craft first sparked and continues to flourish.

Documenting memories has been a dream of mine since i could remember, which is why I have dedicated years of my life capturing beautiful memories in their best light in hopes of making them last for lifetimes to come.

Not only will you feel at ease when deciding on DIVINE NINE to bring life to your memories, but it’s a joy to be part of your journey.

Services offered: Portraits (Personal, fashion, graduations, beauty, couples, family, weddings and more..) Business (Events, scenery, concerts, products and more..) Videography (Weddings, birthdays, promotional videos, video clips, music videos, commercials and more..).

So what are you waiting for? get in touch and let’s make life memorable!